Tenant and Employee Forms

Rental Application, Denial Letter, Disclosures and more.

Applicant screening forms for AmerUSA landlord and employer use only.

Standard landlord accounts offer the option to personalize your own lease agreement.

Tenant Forms

  • This rental application is intended to collect information and obtain consent for screening purposes.
  • The tenant consent form is intended to obtain consent only.
  • This form (or the federal government version) must be given to all tenants when credit is pulled.
  • This form is intended for standard and professional accounts.
  • Residential Lease Agreement
    This form is available to landlords from within the tenant screening standard account control panel and may be personalized.

Employee Forms

  • This form is provided as a courtesy to those employers who wish to pull an employee credit report. However, you may use your own form for this purpose as long as there is conspicuous language regarding the intended use of an applicant’s credit report.
  • This form (or the federal government version) must be given to all employees when credit is pulled.
  • A statement of credit denial is required to be used any time a credit report is partially or wholly relied upon when determining an applicant is not eligible for employment.