Employee Screening

Select the account option that’s best for your business.

Option 1. is the most common. Option 2. includes employee credit report access.
501(c)(3) organizations and local governments are exempt from professional account inspections.
If you have any questions or need assistance, we will be glad to help you.


Standard Account

Criminal Records & More
  • Easy Online Setup in Minutes
  • Results by Fax or Email (Mon-Sat)
  • All Searches are Ordered Separately
  • Country Criminal Records (opt.)
  • Statewide Criminal Records (opt.)
  • Federal Criminal Records (opt.)
  • National Sexual Predators (opt.)
  • DMV Driving Record (opt.)
  • SSN Check (opt.)

Standard employee screening accounts can easily be s et up in seconds and orders can be submitted online or by fax. Results are emailed or faxed back as soon as the search is finished, usually the same day. Prices start at $11.95 for SSN checks.

Starting at only

$1195on up


Professional Account

Credit, Criminal Records, etc.
  • 2-5 Budiness Day Setup
  • Results in Real Time Online
  • Employee Credit Report
  • Repotred Address History
  • Reported Employment History
  • Bankruptcy Fillings & Tax Liens
  • Utility & Returned Check Collections
  • Criminal Records (optional)
  • DMV Driving Record (optional)
  • Site Inspection Req. (one-time $75)

Professional accounts provide access to employee credit reports in real time. Registrations must be faxed and require a business license, documents and an inspection of the operating office to corroborate the nature of the business and its file security. Other searches are also available.

Starting at only

$995per credit report