Tenant Screening

Option 1. is for any U.S. landlord/agent.
Option 2. requires an inspection & business documentation.

Both tenant screening services are easy for landlords and agents to use.


Standard Account

Results 24/7 Online

tenant screening report
  • Instant Setup/No Account Fees
  • Results 24/7 Instantly Online
  • Credit File (Acct #’s Hidden)
  • FICO Credit Scoring Model
  • SSN Verification Against File
  • Payment Delinquency Risk Analysis
  • Current and Delinquent Accounts
  • Credit Cards, Loans, Mortgages, etc.
  • Unpaid Utility, Check & Landlord Collections
  • Charge-offs, Repossessions & Foreclosures
  • Chapter 7 & 13 Bankruptcy Filings
  • Monetary Judgments (Evictions)
  • Add’l Criminal Record & Eviction Options
  • OFAC Terrorist & Sex Offender Add-ons
  • Create a Lease & Application Options

Standard tenant screening accounts are intended for home-based landlords (and professionals) that want instant access without having to be inspected. These reports are easy-to-read and redact personally identifiable information like names and account numbers. If you wish to have the most comprehensive report available in the industry without having to be inspected, use our other site, RealSerious.com by AmerUSA.

$2695 per report


Professional Account

Results 24/7 Online

professional tenant screening
  • Allow 3 Day Initial Setup Time
  • Results 24/7 Instantly Online
  • Full Credit Report (unrestricted)
  • FICO Credit Score & Risk Factors
  • Detailed 48 month Payment History
  • Creditor Names and Account Numbers
  • Credit Limits and Percentage Used
  • Reported Address History
  • Reported Employment History
  • Previous Inquiries from Other Creditors
  • Chapter 7 & 13 Bankruptcy Filings
  • Unpaid Utility, Check & Landlord Collections
  • Monetary Judgments (Evictions)
  • Criminal Options Priced on Volume
  • Site Inspection Required

Professional accounts provide full unrestricted access to consumer reports in real time. Registrations must be submitted in writing and require a business license, supporting documents, and a one-time inspection of the operating office to corroborate the nature of the business.

$995 per report