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Yes, I agree to comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act [15 USC 16810] (FCRA) including only requesting consumer information for the sole purpose of determining my applicant's eligibility for tenancy or employment. The FCRA can be viewed at I also acknowledge it is my obligation to furnish each applicant with a copy of his or her rights under the FCRA titled "FCRA Summary of Rights" which can be obtained for FREE at I also accept AmerUSA's privacy policy and additional terms of use located at and

Yes, I agree to obtain a signed consent from each applicant (you may use your own form or the AmerUSA Consent Form or Rental Application for your personal use). I further agree to retain an original copy of each applicant's signed consent for 5 years and must furnish a copy within 10 days upon request. Want to go paperless instead? Register for our other tenant screening platform at which only requires the landlord to submit the tenant's name and email address.

Yes, I agree to allow my Visa or MasterCard to be charged for any order (now and in the future) that is submitted using my account and understand there are no cancellations permitted once an order has been submitted.

Yes, I understand that I am responsible for providing accurate data for each search I request because invalid or incorrect data may result in a different or an insufficient result being returned. Therefore, I am responsible for any attempt to order additional or duplicate reports and will be charged accordingly for typos. I acknowledge that I can contact customer service for assistance before submitting multiple attempts.